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2 October 2011

delicious ambiguity is scary and awesome at the same time. 

delicious ambiguity is scary and awesome at the same time. 

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22 September 2011


To live a meaningful life is to make a difference in the lives of people you care about. From @michaelellsberg’s new book, “The Education of Millionaires” (Taken with instagram)

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21 September 2011


Matt Chase
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hmm.. yep.. i totally said that. 

hmm.. yep.. i totally said that. 

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Get rid of the fear!!


Marius Roosendaa

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1 September 2011

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The 10 commandments of Steve Jobs

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life is to short, stay awake for it. 

ai gezuz. cadê meu café?

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25 August 2011


Just days after the last tour stops - Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York - and the alum are on fire!  Congrats to all of you for making HUGE strides in your businesses and in life.  For those of you who haven’t attended yet, we have private Facebook groups for each class.  We sometimes wish you could take a peek - so inspiring!  Big changes, crushing fear, bold moves and so much encouragement in those pages.  Thank you all for inspiring each other and us!   We’ll have a full list of recent alum updates and posts soon.  For now… updates, next steps for alum and BIG NEWS!

BIG NEWS:  Thanks to an upgraded space at the MGM, there is now ONE SEAT open in Vegas for Making Things Happen!  Whoever registers first, gets it (and we have gotten dozens of emails!) so, register now These will not last.  We wish we could open more, but we are keeping this group small so everyone can have the best personalized experience.  Who wants to Make Things Happen? 

ALUM: Want to join us for MTH2010 Vegas as a refresher?  Email Marissa.

THE TOTAL PACKAGE:  Lara is giving a business, branding, marketing and PR intensive - The Total Package - with Harmony Walton at WPPI.  This is open to anyone (you do not have to be registered with WPPI) and is a powerful follow-up to MTH.  If you are ready to take your business to the next level in the luxury wedding market, The Total Package is your ticket.  If you are an alum or soon-to-be-attendee and would like to attend The Total Package, email Marissa ASAP for the alum discounted rate.  There are only 20 spots available total.  Early-bird registration (save $150) ends this Friday, so jump on it.  Or… try to win a seat (and a camera!)

BREATHE: Calling all moms!  Natalie is giving a fabulous workshop at WPPI that is sure to sell out!  More info and enter to win a scholarship seat: Breathe.

MAKING BRANDS HAPPEN:  Emily and Lara began Making Brands Happen last November, bringing authentic effective branding and powerful strategy together into a wildly-successful plan.  There are now three levels of branding offered and flexible payment plans. The rates are already great, but MTH Alum do get a special discount.  Alum or not, it’s time for you to harness the power of your brand and take things to the next level.  More info.

ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTING:  Many people have asked about ongoing MTH consulting.  For consulting/mentoring in marketing, branding, goal direction, action plan mentoring and strategy, Lara offers significantly reduced consulting rates for MTH Alum.  More info on sessions: Lara Casey RepsEmail for the discounted consulting rate and to book your session. 

VEGAS MEET-UP:  Join us for a casual meet-up at WPPI.

ALUM COMING TO VEGAS: Need new photos of yourself?  Email Gina.

BMAN: OK, seriously He deserves his own bullet point.  Emily is having a baby soon, if you didn’t already know.  We’re excited for her!  Send her some love.  Just a few more days till Brady Ley arrives!  Making BABIES Happen!

MORE MTH CITIES?  In case you missed it, we only have plans for one more city.  More info.

NEW TO MAKING THINGS HAPPEN?  Welcome!  Follow us on Twitter, follow the #MTH2011 hashtag for alum posts and inspiration, check out our website, view tour photos and join us on Facebook, pour through our Tumblr Archives here and read the post that started this whole thing here.

A year from now you will wish you had started today.  Begin anywhere and make it happen!  Love, Lara, Emily, Gina and Natalie.

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10 August 2011

just tristan.: two years ago, today....


today marks two years since i sent my very first email to dennis and naveen (wow i was such a nerd! ha). naveen sent a reminder to team foursquare today and i thought i’d share it on my blog. Man, how times have changed:

Hey Dennis and Naveen

How’s it going? Hope all is well!

My name is…